Weekly log: 20120822

Two things worth mentioning this week: A research survey I filled in a couple of days ago, and what I had been assigned to translate this week. It was a survey that was posted in a forum. Curiously, it was about “professionalism” in volunteering. Of course it was biased even sociologists know that there can never be true objectivity in research but what was interesting was that the survey seemed to imply that word-for-word translation without a change in tone or register is to be the pinnacle in translation. Obviously I do not agree with their viewpoint. Which brings up the other thing I am going to say about the week: the most interesting piece I was assigned to translate this week, essentially, was a collection of short stories. Not even short stories that I particularly empathize with. But I immensely enjoyed working on them. And, of course you could call this literary translation though I would not dare to claim to be a “literary translator” to translate word-for-word with no change in register or tone that is, to keep things same as the original without regard to the target audience’s culture or perceptions is utter suicide. Things just don’t work that way. Which reminds me that I love working on lyrics. I even like working on poems despite not having majored in English. Pretty ironic since someone actually suggested that I tried to be a technical translator. Anyway, time to work on my little visual art project. Deadline for submission, this Friday.
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