Interesting journal articles

This is not a complete list by any means; it’s just my attempt at not completely wasting my PCS membership. So most of this will be articles in PCS’s journal. More will be added later when I encounter them.

Plain language

  • Cheung, I. W. (2017). Plain language to minimize cognitive load: A social justice perspective. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 90, 4, 448–457. doi:10.1109/TPC.2017.2759639

    References social justice and human rights aspects using an explanation based on cognitive science. Although the journal calls this a “tutorial,” I don’t think I’ve seen plain language “rules” ever explained like this before.

  • Schriver, K. A. (2017). Plain language in the US gains momentum: 1940–2015. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 90, 4, 343–383. doi:10.1109/TPC.2017.2765118

    Contains references to findings about the inaccuracy of readability metrics.

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