Where to find PES (2009)

There may be times when you’ll need to refer to an older version of Editors Canada’ Professional Editorial Standards (PES). However, PES (2009), the previous version of the standards, is no longer available online. However, if you have some connection to Editors Canada, you might actually have a copy without realizing it:

  • Editors’ Association of Canada. (2010–2011). Meeting Professional Editorial Standards (Pts. 1–4). Toronto, Canada: Editors’ Association of Canada.

    You have a complete copy of PES (2009) even if you don’t have all four parts of the set. It’s at the beginning of each part.

  • Virag, K. (Ed.). (2015). Editing Canadian English: A guide for editors, writers, and everyone who works with words (3rd ed., 1st printing). Toronto, Canada: Editors’ Association of Canada.

    The unnumbered appendix is a complete copy of PES (2009), but only if you have the first printing. (If you have a subsequent printing you get the 2016 version.) This was pointed out to me by someone on Facebook; unfortunately I can no longer find that comment so I am not able to credit her.

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