Why this blog

There is a lot of commonality between graphic design and translation. In both cases, the designer or translator is communicating someone else’s idea so that others can understand the original message. Both the designer and the translator are facilitators. Both are bridge builders. So while I am still trying to figure out where I fit in, I still have to go through the 3000 words or so every week for my volunteering (previously all translation, now a little translation and mostly reviews). For me, being a translator (and reviewer) is a reality, and I do want to have a place somewhere to write down my thoughts about translation.


If you are trying to get WordPress working on nginx but you can’t get uploaded files to display, you might be missing these lines:

location ~ ^/wp-uploads/(.*)$ { alias /srv/www/wp-uploads/your_domain/$1; }
This does not seem to be explained anywhere and took me over an hour to figure out.

If you are trying to enable DB Cache Reloaded but are having trouble, check your file permissions. It sounds crazy dangerous but both wp-content and db-config.ini need to be writable by the user running the php-cgi process.

The freelance translation world seems to be a very hostile place, heavily discriminatory against immigrants—so much so that sometimes, you feel translation agencies don’t actually want good work, or even mediocre work, but only substandard work…

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