Most text on this site is set in Alegreya and Alegreya Sans, designed by Juan Pablo del Peral of Huerta Tipográfica, Argentina. Monospaced text is set in VT323, designed by Peter Hull.

The wordmark was written with a Hunt #22 nib, photographed with a Pentax K-50, and traced in Illustrator CS6 by Ambrose Li.


If you are trying to get WordPress working on nginx but you can’t get uploaded files to display, you might be missing these lines:

location ~ ^/wp-uploads/(.*)$ { alias /srv/www/wp-uploads/your_domain/$1; }
This does not seem to be explained anywhere and took me over an hour to figure out.

If you are trying to enable DB Cache Reloaded but are having trouble, check your file permissions. It sounds crazy dangerous but both wp-content and db-config.ini need to be writable by the user running the php-cgi process.

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