Do CAT tools negatively impact translation quality?

Someone asked, “Are you using a CAT tool?” I do use one, but I don’t really find it useful. I use one only because apparently everyone is using one. The asker was Chinese, so I was going to say that CAT tools favour European languages. But then I realized that German word order can be quite different from say English or French word order too, so that argument might not hold water. But then perhaps the mismatch between our punctuation systems does make CAT tools a worse fit for Chinese than it is for German. I wonder if any research has been done on whether CAT tools are having a negative impact on the quality of translations into non-European languages, and if not, whether any such research should be done. I wonder, if such research should be done, how should an experiment be designed to find out the answer, and what kind of methodology should be used for perform such an experiment. I wonder, if this would count as “inclusive research.”
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