Weekly log: 20120811

Today, I woke up to two questions from one of my terminology discussion forums. Questions that I certainly should not even contemplate answering due to my plain incompetency in French. However, I tried looking closely at the two questions this time and started wondering about a couple things. Anyway, the text in question was this:
Dans chaque école, collège ou lycée, la communauté éducative rassemble les élèves et tous ceux qui, dans l'établissement scolaire ou en relation avec lui, participent à l'accomplissement de ses missions. Elle réunit les personnels des écoles et établissements, les parents d'élèves, les collectivités territoriales ainsi que les acteurs institutionnels, économiques et sociaux, associés au service public de l'éducation.
If I am understanding the text correctly (which is very likely to be not the case), la communauté éducative and l’établissement scolaire both refer back to école, collège ou lycée and really can be dropped unless required. The other thing was that I read les acteurs associés au service public de l'éducation. I wonder if what I felt was even plausible or in the right direction. I meant to take Translation 1 ever since I began B1 but never was able to, as B2.4, if I remember correctly, turned out to be a prerequisite. Now that I’m at least nominally halfway through B2, maybe I should revisit that idea…
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