Jenny, Genesis, and a Mother’s Love

Project: Web site article Year: 2008 Type: Self-initiated project / Volunteer work Traditional Chinese (Taiwan, Protestant) ➔ English

This was in a sense a self-initiated project. I was asked to comment on a possible future article and, rather than answering the question directly, I provided them a translation so that they could make the decision themselves. The translation, alongside with the original Chinese text, was published on October 8, 2008 on the organization’s web site in an edited form.

The final word count for the source was 2310.


In this fallen world, everyone can see the fruits of sin: weakness, danger, calamity, disease, and death. Almost everyone who is a mother has experienced the suffering of bearing a child, and the difficulty and agony of raising one. Every mother, throughout her life, lives in fear: fear that her child might have birth defects, fear that her child might get injured and that the injury might be permanent, fear that her child might contract a terminal illness, fear that her child might become a criminal due to bad influences, fear of her child’s safety while he or she is away from home,…. Besides her relationship with her child, her relationship with her husband gives her still more pain; indeed, the fact that women will experience anguish from both of these sources has long been written in Genesis 3:16, and the purpose of such agony is none other than to serve as a reminder for us of the sin committed by Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Source text:

在這個墮落的世界裡,每一個人都能感受到罪的結果:軟弱、危險、災禍、疾病和死亡。幾乎每一位媽媽都經歷過懷孕生產的痛苦,體驗到養育孩子的辛苦與折磨。每一位媽媽終其一生都處在各樣的恐懼裡:擔心孩子出生不健全、擔心孩子受傷造成永久傷害或感染致命疾病、擔心孩子受到壞的影響成了罪犯、擔心孩子在外的生命安危等等。除了與孩子的關係外,還有與丈夫的關係也是女人痛苦的來源。其實女人會有這兩方面的痛苦,早已明白寫在創世記 3 16 節裡,這些痛苦無非是提醒我們夏娃在伊甸園裡所犯的錯。 (212 words)

Source text ©2008 Creation Ministries International ( Used by permission.
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