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Project: Web site translation Year: 2012 Type: Freelance project English ➔ Traditional Chinese (generic)

This is essentially a marketing piece, so a literal translation would not work; and at least some parts of the site would have to sound like marketing copy. It was also important during the translation process to mentally plug in the translated segments into the original site to see how everything would fit in.

Because each of the two main varieties of traditional Chinese has its own idiosyncrasies in vocabulary, a couple of compromises were made. The goal was to produce a translation that would read as something that does not have a mainland feel, i.e., something that does not read like just the simplified Chinese version converted into traditional Chinese characters. This was all the more important as it turned out that some terms that sound incorrect to a traditional Chinese reader are actually correct in simplified Chinese.

Link to translation:

Live site: xeno.it/dan.html?106&0 (Javascript required)

You can read the client’s comments on ProZ.

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