Love Among The Rubbles

Project: TV subtitles Year: 2010 Type: Volunteer work Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong, Catholic) ➔ English

The project involved the translation of a TV transcript for later subtitling for a prescreening event. Both the source and target formats were Microsoft Word and time codes were not involved. The volume was about 12 minutes of video totalling 3431 source words.

The final version of the video was broadcasted June 5, 2011, exactly seven months after the prescreening. My translation, in a slightly revised form, can be found between 1:24 of part 1 and 6:21 of part 2 of the video of the actual broadcast.


I told the students that the first sentence in Haitian Creole that I learnt was “I don’t like mosquitoes”: Mwen pa renman mayengwen. One day, during class, a student came in, a bag of things in his hands. I was upset and irritated about him being late. Then he handed me the bag. And I asked him, “What is this?” And he replied, “Open the bag and see”. I opened the bag and found a mosquito net. I was moved, I truly was moved. People in that village were really very poor. You cannot say they were well off: it was not even close. And to buy a mosquito net in Haiti, you have to have a certain amount of money. For them, this was a selfless act of sacrifice. Only when they treat you as a friend, as someone worth their respect, would they choose to give you their own selves. This incident reminded me of Christ’s selfless sacrifice.

Source text:

我跟學生說,​我學的第一句海地文就是:​我不喜歡蚊,​Mwen pa renman mayengwen。​有一天正在上課中,​有一位學生走入來,​他拿著一袋東西,​那時我有點不高興,​我在想:​遲到,「有無搞錯」。​之後,​他把那袋東西給我。​我問:​這是什麼?​他說:​打開來看看。​我拆開了,​原來是一個蚊帳。​那時我真的感動,​真的很感動。​因為在這村莊的人,​他們真的很窮,​真的不可以說是有錢,​not even close。​而這蚊帳在海地,​要「有番咁上下」才可以買到蚊帳。​對他們來說,​這也是一個很無我的奉獻。​他把你當作朋友,​視你為一個他尊敬的人,​他會選擇去將他自己去給你。​這件事 once again 又令我想起基督無我的奉獻(217 words)

Source text ©2010 Fountain of Love and Life ( Used by permission.
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