About me

I grew up in both the Cantonese-speaking city of Hong Kong and the English-speaking city of Toronto, Canada. I went to university (University of Waterloo, majoring in computer science) and grad school (OCAD University, majoring in inclusive design) in Canada, and have about two years of official in-house graphic design experience.

Working language pairs

Editing and proofreading

  • English best
  • Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)

Translation and comparative editing

  • Chinese > English best
  • English > traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)

I do not translate to simplified Chinese and ideally will not translate from simplified Chinese: I am not from the mainland so I will be a very bad match working with simplified Chinese.

Graphic design, page layout and formatting

  • English and/or traditional Chinese (Hong Kong) best
  • French (any region) and traditional Chinese (other regions)
  • Simplified Chinese plus other European languages using the Latin alphabet

Work samples


Excerpts from a selection of my previous work can be found in the portfolio section here.

Professional affiliations


Graphic design

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